Make Your Own Huipil with Hellen Ascoli
Tuesday, September 19th
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

In this short class you will learn about the traditional Mayan garment called Huipil.  We'll explore the traditional design and symbols of the garment. The instructor will also create a small demonstration on how huipils are traditionally made using the backstrap loom.

About the Teaching Artist: Hellen Ascoli is a Guatemalan artist, weaver and educator investigating material culture as a way to understand relationships and identity. Her studio practice stems from an emotional and analytical engagement to materials, body and space, which are used to map and understand complex relationships, systems of power and economics. In her education practice Ascoli seeks to create spaces of dialogue and reflection in art spaces and classrooms by questioning the level of participation and interaction of viewer and student.

After receiving her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago she moved back to Guatemala where she taught at Francisco Marroquín University and developed the education program at Museo Ixchel of Indigenous Dress, where she served Director of Education until July, 2017. Currently she lives in Madison Wisconsin.

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Spanish Language Improv with Veronica Rodriguez
Tuesday, September 19th
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Improve your Spanish while exploring improvisational theater! We'll use improv theater games to put ourselves in all sort of situations and expand our vocabularies in fun, unexpected ways. No previous acting experience is necessary and you do not need to be fluent in Spanish to participate -- just bring a playful attitude and be a part of this supportive class environment.

This workshop is a great way to practice speaking Spanish, develop communication skills, practice empathy, and more. Teacher especially can benefit from learning improv techniques to get their students speaking more in the classroom.

Teaching ArtistBio:  Verónica Rodríguez (Puerto Rico, 1981) is a director, writer, performer, actress and teacher. She has worked as a teacher and an artist in England, Spain, Puerto Rico, Italy, New York, Detroit and Chicago. She loves to meet new people and better her life and their lives with art. She has been teaching language for more than 12 years. But she has been doing improv theater for more than 15, so she decided to combine her two passions and created a teaching strategy where people can practice and better their language skills using theater games. She has been using her strategy successfully at her current job as an Spanish teacher for Gems World Academy. She believes adults should keep on playing throughout their lives, especially when it comes to learning a new language. 



Mobile Street Art Cart with William Estrada

Tuesday, September 26th
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Bring the family and join us in Woodard Plaza (Across the street from the Hairpin Arts Center at Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee)

Mobile Street Art Cart brings collaborative, community-relevant artmaking to the streets of Chicago during LATINxARTS!

The Mobile Street Art Cart provides free art projects with people on the streets in their neighborhoods, addresses issues relevant to the community, creates a temporary space where the community and artist can talk about art and its impact on our communities, and shares resources to support artmaking and community-building.

Teaching Artist Bio: William Estrada was born to immigrant parents and grew up assembling memories in California, Mexico, and Chicago. His teaching and art making practice focuses on engaging the complex experiences within marginalized communities and contested spaces. He documents and analyzes public/private learning spaces to transform, question, and make connections to established and organic systems through discussion, creation, and promotion of counter narratives. His current research is focused on developing community based and culturally relevant programs that question power structures of race, economy, and cultural access.


Cooking with Urban Pilón
Tuesday, September 26th
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Roberto Perez of Urban Pilon leads a cooking demonstration on classic Puerto Rican food. Come ready to chop, taste, eat, see and learn about making traditional foods!

You will learn to make 1) Stewed red beans, like grandma made, and cassava dumplings. "Habichuelas ablandadas como abuela y guanimes de yuca." 2) Puerto Rican Gazpacho with saltfish, avocado, tomatoes, olive oil and onions. Gazpacho Boricua con bacalao, aguacate, tomates, aceite de oliva, y cebolla.

Roberto Perez is an avid researcher of Afro-Caribbean traditions. He is a passionate cook and teaches about combining healthy food with history. Roberto is curently a blogger for Urban Pilón -- a culinary movement to share knowledge with the masses about the great foods of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America.



Storytelling Workshop with The Stoop
Tuesday, October 3rd
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Instructor: Lily Be

The Stoop’s workshop teaches is more than a beginners' storytelling course. Requiring a different skill set, you'll gain a better command of story structure and performance.

Learn how to develop the story in your head and tell it without writing it up. Lily will teach you how to organize thoughts as you speak, using key words/concepts as a guide.

The Stoop uses techniques that rooted in communities where oral storytelling preserves its history. This is not the default style of many live-lit and other storytelling shows. Mastering off-book, impromptu storytelling means performing without writing or memorization.


Sugar Skull Decorating Workshop with Norma Rios-Siera
Tuesday, October 10th
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Learn about the history of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a festive holiday celebrated in November throughout Mexico that celebrates the life of loved ones who have passed. 

Sugar skulls are used to adorn elaborate altars that invite our loved ones to return and help to light their way home. 

In this class you will learn to make and decorate your own sugar skull. 

Each student will learn to make the sugar mixture and frosting, use molds to form the sugar skull and then have fun personalizing each one.

Teaching Artist Bio: Norma D Rios-Sierra received her Bachelor of Art History from Columbia College Chicago in 2009. She has lived in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, San Diego, California and most recently McAllen, Texas. She was first introduced to stained glass art while working as a translator at a stained glass factory in Mexico. Her work consists mostly of stained glass mosaic featuring bold images inspired by iconic Mexican imagery, textiles and embroidery.


Koatlikue Dance Workshop with Aztec Dance Chicago
Tuesday, October 10th
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us for a workshop on Aztec Dance. Learn the steps and symbolism of Koatlikue as you experience hands-on pre-Hispanic instruments and rhythms. Learn basic information on Aztec Dance and how it continues to be an avenue for embracing our Native American heritage.

Aztec Dance Chicago shares information about Native American communities & explores pre-Hispanic and contemporary expressions of Aztec dance.