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Friday, September 15, 2017
6:00pm  10:00pm

Artworks by Andrea Perales and Jose Resendiz. Curated by JGV/WAR.

“Eye Level” runs concurrently with Hispanic Heritage Month; September 15 to October 15. In 1968 the United States Senate and House passed Public Law 90-498 granting power to the U.S. President to annually proclaim Hispanic Heritage Week. In its resolution, the law calls “especially [on] the educational community to observe such a week with appropriate ceremonies." Today, more than ever, the educational community confronts the question of “appropriate ceremonies” as it faces constrained budgets, limited resources, and unresolved questions with the State. These proclamations, at times at odds with the rhythm of state policies, provoke jarring ceremonies and rather than proclaiming pride, hinder the visibility of Latinxs. The institutionalization of these ceremonies confines definitions into categories that are usurped, observed, and policed.

In observation of these “ceremonies” the exhibition “Eye Level” brings forth two artists who grapple with the conditions of visibility, material production, and the significance attached to what it means to “proclaim.” To meet us at eye level, they present us with missing or fading history, recharging these objects with new interpretations, highlighting histories that go by unobserved.

Ida y Vuelta


Latinx Short Film Screening
Sunday, September 17, 2017
7:30pm  9:00pm

A series of short films from latinx filmmakers presented in collaboration with the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago. Full list of the short films being presented can be found through the ticket link! 

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A Night with Ivan Resendiz
Thursday, September 21st
8 pm - 9 pm

Ivan Resendiz will perform classical guitar and share personal anecdotes from his life as an immigrant from Mexico.

Originally from Mexico City, Ivan Resendiz began his study of classical guitar at the age of sixteen at the Escuela Superior de Música (ESM) del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA) in Mexico City under the instruction of teacher Alejandro Mendez. Ivan Resendiz has performed in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, and in many cities throughout the United States in events such as competitions, university courses and concerts. Ivan has been a finalist in thirteen international competitions, receiving Top Prizes since 2008. Ivan was also chosen to represent Mexico as one of the ten international finalists in the World Guitar Competition in April of 2012 in Serbia. Since 2011, Ivan Resendiz has directed and organized the Latin American Guitar Festival in Chicago where he currently lives.

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Fonema Consort’s Emily Beisel with Luis Fernando Amaya and Craig Davis Pinson (AKA Fat Pigeon)
Thursday, September 28th
8 pm - 9 pm

Mexican composers Amaya and Davis Pinson join Beisel to present an eclectic mixture of music genres and styles departing from their unorthodox instrumentation: clarinet(s), electric guitar and cajón peruano. In words by Beisel: “To this framework we wish to bring the open spaces of our ploy-stylistic backgrounds in jazz, rock, classical and contemporary performance. We want to infringe on each others sonic territory and climb into each other’s sounds and ideas. Groove, breath, math, voices, mind games, and imaginary rooms.” Interspersed with their sets Fonema Consort will present art videos made after works by Costa Rican composers Pablo Santiago Chin and Mauricio Pauly from Fonema’s album Pasos en otra calle.

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Movements: a showcase of work from three immigrant dancemakers
Friday, September 29th
8 pm - 9 pm 

Michel Rodriguez Cintra, Victor Alexander and Wilfredo Rivera present work and talk about their different experiences immigrating to the U.S. and working in contemporary dance. 



No Hay Mal
Thursday, October 5th
8 pm - 9:30 pm

No hay mal is a one-woman show by Chicago native and creator of the storytelling show The Stoop, Lily Be that is as real as they come. Developed at Free Street Theater without a script, Lily shares intimate reflections of the foundation to her journey from a past self into the present. These stories prompt one's own exploration of the moments that resonate through their own lives.

No hay mal shows us "how to achieve the karmic bien preceded by the mal." Lily affirms you must defy the fear that the mal brings. After all, as in the words of her mother, “no hay mal que por bien no venga.”

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Mira Que Nice with comedian Elizardi Castro
Friday, October 6th
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Doors open at 7:30 pm

All donations go the artist with partial proceeds benefiting the San Lucas Church – serving the needy Hot Meals for over 35 years!

Elizardi is in a stable healthy relationship.

But his family wants him to get married. Now. Knowing that halfof all marriages end in divorce and despite his family’s pressure, Elizardi and his girlfriend decide to simply move in together; hoping to live the honeymoon while avoiding the burdens ofmarriage. But Elizardi soon discovers that his new life feels a lotlike married life. Now he has to put in the work that comes withtrying to understand your spouse…if he’s ever going to beat theodds and live happily ever after!

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Storytelling open mic - BILINGUAL EDITION!
Thursday, October 12th
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm  

Come through and share your story! Weird, funny, heartwarming, real talk - we are here for it all. All stories will be translated/transcribed in real time. Spanish and English-speakers welcome! 


Friday, October 13th
8 pm - 9:30 pm

Putas. Whores. Loose women- This new play by Dr. Liza Ann Acosta bridges our mothers’ and grandmothers’ traditions with dreams for our daughters of tomorrow. Three generations of Puerto Rican divorcées and a happily unmarried professional grapple with conflicting relationships to gender, race, cultural norms, and family obligations as they take us from nunneries, bars, and brothels in the US and Puerto Rico. 

PUTAS! is grounded by one woman’s obsessive need to find out all the secrets of her complicated family history with the use of her best friend: Join Acosta in exploring the paradox of becoming an independent woman in a society thatlabeled you a whore (or a lesbian!) regardless of whether or not seeking independence was a personal choice or economic necessity.