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Todavía Cantamos/Still We Sing

7:00 pm -- 9:00 pm

Todavía Cantamos/Still We Sing

Latin American folk music went through a renaissance and reformulation in the mid 20th century thanks to the visionary work of two pioneers, Argentinian Atahualpa Yupanki and Chilean Violeta Parra. Both of these artists traveled throughout their home countries and other parts of Latin America collecting and recording music and folkways that were rapidly vanishing as a result of industrialization. From 1965 until her death in 1967, Parra established the Universidad Nacional del Folklore, a cultural center housed inside a circus tent in the outskirts of Santiago. At La Carpa (“the tent,” as it was called), Parra sought a synthesis of the arts by bringing together music, dance, poetry, visual art, food, and pedagogy under one roof. With their emphasis on themes of struggle and indigenous ways of life, Yupanki and Parra sowed the seeds that gave rise to the Nueva Canción (new song) movement, a socially committed genre that flourished throughout Latin America and Spain in the 1970s and beyond and feels particularly relevant in our times.

This program presents chosen examples of Nueva Canción interpreted by Ramón Marino and Georgina Valverde along with performance elements conceived in collaboration with Ulises Rangel to convey the social context and ideas that gave rise to this genre.

Ramón Marino, voice and guitar

Georgina Valverde, voice, art direction

Ulises Rangel, art and technical direction


Saul Aguirre: Reload

Saul Aguirre engages audiences in building and rebuilding a wall around his body and the gallery. Through simple participatory action Aguirre challenges politically devisive rhetoric and asks us to reclaim media messages.

Saúl Aguirre is a Chicago based multidisciplinary artist/curator born in Mexico City. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Aguirre’s recent performances have captivated the viewers for the dramatic slow movements to portray his response to social issues. He has exhibited extensively both locally and internationally.

Donatios collected at the door for this event will go to the Chicago for Mexico & Puerto Rico Fund

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