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Workshops: Sugar Skulls & Aztec Dance


Sugar Skull Workshop


Learn about the history of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a festive holiday celebrated in November throughout Mexico that celebrates the life of loved ones who have passed. Sugar skulls are used to adorn elaborate altars that invite our loved ones to return and help to light their way home. In this class you will learn to make and decorate your own sugar skull. Each student will learn to make the sugar mixture and frosting, use molds to form the sugar skull and then have fun personalizing each one.


Koatikue Dance Workshop with Aztec Dance Chicago


Join us for a workshop on Aztec Dance. Learn the steps and symbolism of Koatlikue as you experience hands-on pre-Hispanic instruments and rhythms. Learn basic information on Aztec Dance and how it continues to be an avenue for embracing our Native American heritage.