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Fonema Consort's Emily Beisel with Luis Fernando Amaya and Craig Davis Pinson (AKA Fat Pigeon)

8 pm - 9 pm

Mexican composers Amaya and Davis Pinson join Beisel to present an eclectic mixture of music genres and styles departing from their unorthodox instrumentation: clarinet(s), electric guitar and cajón peruano. In words by Beisel: “To this framework we wish to bring the open spaces of our ploy-stylistic backgrounds in jazz, rock, classical and contemporary performance. We want to infringe on each others sonic territory and climb into each other’s sounds and ideas. Groove, breath, math, voices, mind games, and imaginary rooms.” Interspersed with their sets Fonema Consort will present art videos made after works by Costa Rican composers Pablo Santiago Chin and Mauricio Pauly from Fonema’s album Pasos en otra calle.

This concert is part of LATINxARTS a four-week long program at Hairpin Arts Center featuring exclusively latino/a/x artists. September 15th – October 15th features “Eye Level” an art exhibition curated by JGV/WAR featuring installations by Andrea Peralas and Jose Resendiz, as well as free workshops, discussions, and performances. All events are free to the public – and all donations made at the door or online will go to the artists involved!

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