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Los Vicios de Papá + Chema Skandal + Bumbac Joe

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Doors open at 7:30 pm, music 8 pm - 1 am
Live music Saturdays curated and produced by Pachanka
FREE ADMISSION! All donations go to the artists!


Los Vicios de Papá is a high energy Latin ska fusion band with socially conscious lyrics stemming from our struggling and undocumented youth experience. Our sound started with a passion for ska/reggae and has evolved into an 8 piece band that arranges Cumbia, Dancehall, Huapachon, Hip Hop, Reggae and Ska creating an intoxicating mix that ignites fans into a dance-frenzy.

LVDP was born out of a crumbling public education system and failing immigration policy in Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood. We are a response to these systemic and unjust inequities; we create an upbeat way out.



Bumbac Joe, né Leopoldo Bello — Lima-born Venezuelan who Madrid embraced as an adopted son — is a DJ/producer whose beats and grooves summon listeners into the fire of Latin American dance. Taking his sampling, looping and remixing into the studio, this beatmaker — now based in Chicago — transforms folkloric rhythms into topical beats and brings marginalized music onto the contemporary dance floor. Winner of the 2016 Best Local Dance Producer ‘Chicago Reader’s Best Of’ poll.

Eye Level Curator's Talk & Tour


In this conversation with Gibran Villalobos and Wil Ruggiero, the curators will speak to the issues regarding Hispanic Heritage and how the policy challenges many of the aspects within the Latinx community. At a time when placemaking becomes a du jour resolve for economic development, they explore how the work by Andrea Perales and Jose Resendiz creates a sense of placekeeping. Borrowing from the ideas by Roberto Bedoya and Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, they turn to “rasquachismo” as a term to unpack how heritage and and pride provoke oscillating points of vantage. 

En esta conversación con Gibran Villalobos y Wil Ruggiero, los curadores presentan una plática donde sobre temas relacionados a lo conocido como “Hispanic Heritage” o mal-traducido, Patrimonio Hispano, y como la póliza provoca aspectos dentro la comunidad Latino/a. En estos tiempos donde la idea de “placemaking” está de moda para resolver el desarrollo económico, ellos explorarán como las obras de Andrea Perales y José Reséndiz crean la sensación de “placekeeping.” Prestando de las ideas por Roberto Bedoya y Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, ellos platicaron sobre el “rasquachismo” como un término para desempacar come el “patrimonio” y el “orgullo” provocan puntos de ventaja oscilantes.